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Cleaning Tips

Spring Cleaning: More beneficial than you think!

Who doesn’t like the smell of a clean house when they walk through the door or knowing when your toddler crawls across the floor that he is doing so on a nice clean floor or staring outside through windows you can actually see out of! Spring cleaning for many is second nature, many plan on it or hire someone and for others it never crosses their mind. The benefits that go along with it though are endless.  Spring is that time of year that reminds us to open the windows and let the fresh air in or keep the windows shut because allergies are on the other side! Either way, having a clean home or business can help with both of these scenarios.

First, when we spring clean we need to deep clean; they are one in the same. Here are some tips as to what to focus on, then we will talk about why. READ MORE.


How often do I REALLY need to clean my carpets?!

When it comes to carpet cleaning most consumers think they have it all figured out. So you just bought new carpeting a year ago and it’s not looking dirty YET. Why should I clean it? I vacuum weekly, that should be enough, right? When it gets dirty, I’ll just rent a machine, it’s cheaper anyway isn’t?

There are many misconceptions when it comes to how we treat our carpet.READ MORE.