Vents are the respiratory holes of a building. Whether it be school, church, office building – if vents are not often cleaned, the health of your staff and your building might not be in great shape.

Read the following article to know more about the importance of vent cleaning.

Insect Accumulation

Bugs and small insects like to make any place a home, which is left for long.
(They make webs, beehives or wasp nest)

If not controlled, their spread may transfer across the whole building and we all know the stinging effects of these horrid creatures.

Better safe than sorry” - You should clean them regularly so that you do not fall victim to such tragedies.

Fungi Spores

Sometimes air vents are damp in nature, also moist air can travel through air ducts at any time. Air vents are the favorite hotspot of Fungi to grow. Fungi will hold onto an unclean air vent and start reproducing its spores.

Harmful fungal diseases are spread due to fungi. This is the same Fungi, which then travels down our respiratory tract when we inhale. Not good!

This is preventable if air vents are thoroughly cleaned.

Pollen Spores

Pollen allergy is deadly, particularly in spring (the season of flower blossoming) when many people suffer from it. Due to diffusion, pollen spores are spread in the air. If your air vents are not cleaned, they will start to accumulate.

Little by little, drop by drop – under favorable conditions, their quantity will increase on the dust. (Imagine pollens as lots of balls held by a cover (dust). With a sudden outbreak of relatively fast paced wind, the barrier will be broken and pollen will be spread among the working environment.

If air vents were to be looked after, every now and then, this would be preventable.

More Consumption of Energy

HVAC units use more energy to transmit air through vents, particularly if there is dust or some “medium” between transmissions.

If that medium (dust) is destroyed, your office and your home can save money due to energy efficiency. In that case, less energy would be required by HVAC units, you will get clean air and you will save money on electric costs. Then everyone wins!

Dust and Debris

When was the last time you cleaned the air vents?

Isn’t it ironic how every other person in your office or house is catching cold more and more often?

Two words are responsible for this: “dust and debris”

Numerous virus and harmful bacterias are originating from dust. With fresh air down the dusty air vent, it becomes terrible.

Dust is also deadly in the sense that it gets stuck inside the cooling and heating air vents of expensive equipment, and if those vents are not thoroughly cleaned with time, it is highly likely that the equipment may breakdown, and then you have to deal with expensive replacements.

NOTE: You have read the importance of vent cleaning for air quality. For best results, clean them as often as possible and hire a reliable company so that everyone at your home and in your office lives a healthier life.