Your office is your professional place which should be immaculately clean from top to bottom as many entrepreneurs, officials and clients come to visit and have meetings on a daily basis. A clean office also looks more official and professional. You should hire a good cleaner or professional cleaning facilities available to maintain the look of your office. The most important cleaning part of your office is your carpets. The floors can be swept and mopped, the tables wiped and dusted but if the carpets get stubborn stains then they will get extremely hard to clean. Worry not, listed below are some of the top carpet cleaning products for your office so that you can always impress your boss or clients when they arrive.

1. Newline All Out Premium Carpet Pre-Spray

This is the newest technology in carpet cleaning. This product contains no soap, no solvent, and no VOCs. It has a very mild pH with heavy duty cleaning properties. It is free rinsing which deters off all problems associated with detergent residue buildup in the carpets. Dilute 3 ounces of this product in a gallon of water and spray on the carpets. Leave for 10 minutes then vacuum to make your carpets new as before.

2. Newline Citrus Slam Premium Ultra Concentrated Pre-Spray

It's in a powdered form and a heavy-duty carpet cleaner for commercial and residential purposes. It contains D-limonene. Dissolve 4 ounces of this powder in a gallon of water and spray on the affected area and leave for 10minues for the product to work on the stains. It removes all the tough water and oil-based stains and is especially effective for food oil stains. The best part of this cleaner is that it will give off a refreshing citrus fragrance.

3. Newline DeCaf Coffee Stain Remover, Browning Treatment, and Tanning Stain Remover

Coffee and Tea is the most used beverage in offices. This may even cause the coffee and tea to spill on carpets. The coffee and tea stains are hard to remove from the carpets. This product will help you in removing the stubborn coffee and tea stains. Even the most oldest stains can be removed by this product.

3. Newline New Frost All Purpose Odor Counteractant

Over the time the carpets get a bad odor due to the continuous spilling of stuff. This dor then penetrates the air and stays in the office. This product will work on the most horrible odors and refresh the whole office. It is made mostly for commercial purposes. It can be mixed with any cleaning product and it will not mask the odors but it will permanently eliminate the odors.

4.. Newline Final Rinse

This is the final cleaning product which is used as the last step of the carpet cleaning process. It removes the residue of all the oils based and solvent based stains and the coffee and brown stains as well. It is safe for natural and synthetic carpets and prevents the fading of the carpets by adding a layer on it. It is mildly acidic and you can either dilute with water and spray on the carpet and then wipe after 10 minutes or put on a cloth and then scrub with it. Either way, it will increase the life of your carpets and make them softer.