Winter is all about getting the house jam packed with all the windows and doors closed because you really want to keep the winter cold out of the house or your office as much as you can! Whilst the cold winds freeze you, the spring breeze refreshes you! Spring season is definitely a much-awaited time of the year and it is finally just around the corner. The days will be sunny and bright and the nights will be just ‘perfectly’ cold and warm.

Welcome the Bright Spring Season with These Cleaning Tips!

But spring also calls for one more thing – spring cleaning! It is time to open those closed windows and allow some springy breeze to freshen your mind and soul. Here are some helpful spring cleaning tips that you should be following in order to make your house, office or any other vicinity match up to the season.

Tip # 1 – Don’t Miss Anything!

When you throw the windows open in the spring and allow the sunlight in finally after months – you will be able to see your home or office in a new perspective. You will notice dirt on the bookshelves and dirt on the rug that was otherwise being missed all winter season. It is also a time of the year that brings a lot of festivities along. Starting from Halloween and ending at New Year – there are almost a dozen festivities and holiday breaks in between. So this means that fridge is also loaded-emptied-loaded-emptied with food and goodies in a cycle. All this will make your fridge very filthy. So, spring cleaning should always begin with cleaning the fridge – emptying it, washing it with soap or detergent and then restocking with fresh summery food items. This will also eradicate any bad odor that might persist inside of the refrigerator.

Tip # 3 – Tackling with Bed Mites and Pest

When in winter you are most of the time cozied up in your bed, spring is time for more action outdoors. Hence, you should also make sure to include your bed in the spring cleaning. The bed mattresses and wood can develop mites and pests that are very harmful for human health. You should make sure to send all the sheets to laundry, get the mattress out in the sun as heat kills pest and also call in a professional to inspect the furniture for any pests.

Tip # 4 – Duct Cleaning

Spring is only a temporary guest that comes to help you welcome summers! Summer heat will make you need the air conditioning and hence, you should also include duct cleaning and HVAC appliance servicing in cleaning process.