One of the hottest debates of our time. Millennials love to take one side and defame the other and this makes the average person furious and clueless at the same time.

  • Which is the best?
  • What is the difference?
  • What should I do?

Don’t worry – today we will present all pros and cons of the chronic battle between hand dryers and paper towels.

What Are They?

Paper towels are made from wood pulp. They can only be used once and once used they should be disposed of in a waste bin. They have a fragile nature and they have been used for a very long time.

Talk about hand dryers, they are a comparatively recent cheeky electrical invention. You place your hands under a hand dryer, motion sensors sense your hands and send hot air. The hot air dries your hand and viola – your work is done.

Cost Effectiveness

A hand dryer costs around 0.2-0.18 cents per dry while a paper towel costs 1 cent per sheet. For argument’s sake, let’s pretend that average hand dry costs around 2.5 paper towel sheets, in that case, it will cost around $20 to operate a hand dryer while it will cost $250 in paper towel.

Paper towels take more energy to produce a recycled power towel as compared to operating a hand dryer.


Paper towels are messy. They are large in number, consume space and you need a way to dispose of them. They can also spread diseases if someone carelessly tosses them over to a healthy place.

If you aren’t careful in your treatment of wasted paper towels, you can get sick. Hand dryers do not create mess. They rely on electricity and warm your hands.

Better Protection Against Diseases

Truth is, no one knows but one thing is certain- you have more chances of getting sick by bacteria and viral infections if your hands are wet after sanitation. Initially, this gave an edge to paper towel supporters as they help in drying the hands relatively faster than hand dryers. But now, due to fast hand dryer units, this is not even an issue. The issue with hand dryers is that they may blow dirty air, which is floating in a restroom. Also, hand dryers may get dirty with usage, so not everyone will be comfortable using them.

Another problem is although hands are dried, what about the condition of sanitary in a restroom and especially the doorknobs? At least a paper towel provides additional covering to protect your hands while a hand dryer does not.


The use of paper towels and hand dryers depends upon their place of use. If you are trying to cut down expense, go for hand dryers.

If you value health safety as well as maintain a proper waste management system, go for paper towels. In any case, it is best to create awareness about paper towel disposal as well as thoroughly cleaning hand dryer units, at least once a year.





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