Fitness has become a mandatory part of our lives. We all want to be in our best body shape and look great. But of course, nobody would want to do that on the expense of their health. This is why it is utmost important for gymnasiums to be cleaned on regular basis to maintain good health and better hygiene. Filth and dirt around the gyms and un-kept fitness centers only give rise to health problems including skin infections, digestive issues and infections.

Statistics of Gym Hygiene Conditions

While it is crucial to maintain cleanliness and hygiene around the gymnasium, it is most unfortunate to point out that these fitness settings miss good cleanliness and maintenance conditions. This is what we can say based on the recent statistical analysis that were carried out to compare gym settings vs. public places hygiene.

  • The highest number of germs and bacteria were found in the gym toilets. This includes both men and women bathrooms. An estimated 360+ germs were found in the bathroom which is at least 3 times more than found on a public toilet seat.

  • Exercise machines in the gym had more than 150+ germs. These machines and equipment include gym cycles and treadmills. This is at least 50 x more than a public bathroom.

What Do These Stats Indicate?

The above-mentioned stats only indicate to an obvious lack of cleanliness around the gym. Every 4 out of 7 gym owners admit that they do not have the gym floors and bathrooms cleaned every day. Every 3 out of 6 gym owners admit to clean the gym machine and work out gear only once a night.

Common Types of Germs Found in Gymnasiums

If stats are to be believed, you will find out that there are many common types of germs and bacteria that are found in gymnasiums. These germs can cause serious health problems and therefore, it is best to be aware of these microorganisms to clean them effectively and prevent health problems in people who work out in the gym on day to day basis.

  • Golden Staph

This is common bacteria that lives inside the human skin and can be transferred from one skin contact to another. Using the same gym equipment can transfer this skin bacteria. It causes a number of skin and eye infections.

  • Salmonella

This is digestive bacteria that is commonly found in gym toilets. This can cause serious digestive issues and can also result in fever and loose motions.

  • Dermatophytosis

This is fungal infection bacterium that lives on metal and can cause irritation and breakdown on human skin. It can cause common health problems including athlete’s foot, ringworms and jock itches.

Tips to Encourage Cleanliness in Your Gym

  1. Educate the staff members to maintain cleanliness with the floors

  2. Ask gym members to always take a shower after before and after workout when possible.

  3. Make sure the bathroom is washed on daily basis. In rush hours, get it washed twice.

  4. Encourage self-cleanliness by introducing paper towels and gym towel racks out on the floor.

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