You might have observed following TV ads:

“Buy xxx flu hand sanitizer from xxx company”

“You are missing health for a few bucks. Buy our hand sanitizer today from abc company”

“Our alcohol based hand sanitizers are effective in nature”

Realistically speaking, there are so many advertisements about so many products, human mind gets confused.

So the question is, which products are worth buying and which products are not worth it?

Keep following points in mind:

Supposedly “Effective” Way

Most health professionals recommend to use normal soap, make lather and rinse. According to them, this is an “effective” way of promoting cleanliness and getting rid of germs.

The thing is, the word “effective” is relative. The proper way of executing this method suggests to spend at least 20 seconds of soap lathering in warm water.

Talking about our daily lives, we all know this is hardly our case.

Also, simple hand soap is not recommended because although it will remove bacteria, it won’t kill all the concentrated bacteria. The bacteria which survives develops resistance, which in turn gets stronger.

NOTE: The dirt however will be removed from hand soap.

Should You Buy Alcohol Based Disinfectants?

Alcohol is a chemical and just like all chemicals, it has its fair advantages and disadvantages. There are many products which include a specific concentration of alcohol.

The coolest thing about alcohol based disinfectants is that it kills bacteria by dissolving their cell membrane. Like a bleach, it can be considered a serious killer. To control the spread of flu and influenza virus, the use of alcohol based disinfectants is encouraged. Also, it evaporates quickly, leaving a cool moisturizing effect on your skin.

But there’s a catch.

The Catch

A good hand sanitizer will have 60% of alcohol. It will take care of bacteria but there is no guarantee of efficient removal of dirt. Also, there are few key micro-organisms which are not killed by alcohol. A good example is norovirus or E-coli.

Another catch is that almost every house has children. Sometimes, children are careless and they try to drink from the bottle of hand-sanitizer or may lick their sanitized hand. This may cause intestinal infection.

Some companies sell a sub-standard version of disinfectants which include raw materials obtained from poorer industrial methods. As a result, these products may cause allergic reactions towards hands and face.

These companies also contain fewer concentration of alcohol, which does not has an effect on deadly bacteria.

What Should You Do?

  • If you own a place which has adults, go for alcohol based hand sanitizers and that too, from reliable brands. Do not settle for cheap ones at any cost. What amount you may save from discount, you may end up using 100x more on expensive medication.

  • If your house has children, always keep them in sight. You can avail both options.

  • For kitchen purposes, hand soap is best.

  • For public locations, offices and restroom, go for alcohol based hand sanitizers.

Thank you for reading, and we hope this helps!

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