Floor cleaning is a job that requires good amount of strength and effort. It can be very hard but once done correctly, you will get yourself a newly shined clean floor enough to impress all your guests and work colleagues!

Tips for Cleaning Your Floor

Floor cleaning doesn’t require special supplies. You really need the same old basic cleaning equipment. At the most, you will require a cleaning agent or disinfectant or a scrubber. But other than that, nothing else. Following are some of the tips you can look through to get some ideas about cleaning your floor:

1. Clean the Spills Immediately

When a drink or food or anything is spilled on floor and is neglected then that floor requires a hard time to clean. When something spills on your floor, make sure you clean it immediately. Floors are, although quite resistant but spills and other such stains tarnish them completely. These smudges or stains slowly destroys your floor leaving you with something completely different than the first time you saw it. Hence whenever you accidently drop something on your floor, rinse it or remove it completely.

2. Vacuum Daily

If you use vacuum, then make sure to use it on your floor on daily basis. The more dust you remove, the more your floor return to its original state. Vacuum along with dust, absorbs tiny particles, very stubborn dirt or debris and insects as well. it sucks every particle out of your floor leaving it clean.

3. Broom and Mop

If you don’t need a vacuum, then broom or mop your floors daily. While brooming, make sure you don’t use brooms with extremely hard bristles. And while mopping, make sure you do not use lots of water or whatever liquid you’re using to keep your place clean. Get a broom with soft bristles and softly swish back and forth on your floor. Similarly use little amount of water and cleaning agent to clean out your floor.

4. Floor Cleaners

Nowadays, there are floor cleaners available everywhere in the market. While the idea is very nice but remember to follow the exact instructions that have been displayed at the end of the bottle. The reason is that if you use too much or too less, you are at risk of destroying your floors completely. It is honestly better to avoid such cleaners because they contain chemicals which can be toxic but if you must require its usage then do so in small amounts.

Floor Stripping

Floor stripping is a hard job. And you need to be doing it very carefully because a tiny mistake can result in a ruined floor. The following steps can guide you in stripping your floor effectively without ruining it:

  1. Get yourself the proper supplies.

  2. Keep water and mop ready along with other brooms.

  3. Wear proper garment to protect yourself because this can be dangerous.

  4. Firstly, clean the floor properly removing the dirt and dust.

  5. Second, apply the stripping agent on it and make sure you keep it wet.

  6. Keep on applying carefully to the corners with the help of brooms or mops and keep them wet. Do not allow them to dry out immediately.

  7. After some time, leave them be and then wash it off with water to remove the wax residue and stripping stains.