Garages have always been considered as one of those places where you like to put all those unnecessary things which are not adjustable within your closets or rooms. For example, suitcases are usually placed within the garages as they do not fit in the closets. All these items create a mess within the garage after which it becomes a dump place of your home. Here are a few guidelines that will help you clean and organize the garage yourself.

1. Use of Vertical Space as Much as Possible

It is quite useful to utilize the vertical space of your garage such as walls and ceilings, especially if you have to park your car inside the garage. If you have gardening and other hardware tools inside the garage, make sure they are hanged against the walls to avoid acquiring space on the floors.

2. Clear Out the Floor

Second most important thing to do before cleaning your garage is to clear the surface which you want to clean. It is always better to have a clear picture of the area which you want to get cleaned. It helps you designate the areas with respect to different activities.

3. Keep, Donate, Throw-Away

Interestingly, whenever you plan to organize or clean something, whether it is your closet or a garage, there are always few things which you still want to keep, donate or throw-away, if not needed. Thus, it is considered as a good practice if you get those things aside from your garage area which are not needed anymore, as it will make it easier for you to clean the garage.

4. Keep Similar Items at One Place

Another useful practice to organize your garage even before and after cleaning is to arrange all the like items at one place, so that they can be easily found later. For this purpose, you can also place a few racks specifically for placing various items like shoes, books, etc. This would help everyone to place the things at the right place.

5. Dividing the Garage Intelligently

Organization of garage has never been an easy job especially if you are going to organize after a number of years. Hence, you should be clear enough about the actual use of your garage because it will help you decide the best possible way to divide the space intelligently.

6. It’s Easier to Label Than to Remember

Out of many good habits, one good habit is to label multiple drawers or cabinets inside your garage, which not only saves your time in finding out something, but also helps you keep things in order.

Cleaning and organizing the garage takes time, but these useful tips would certainly help you make it easier.

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